Boom Crane Rentals

Whether you need to move objects at a construction site or load cargo onto ships, MACS Crane and Rigging has the boom crane for you. We have multiple types of boom cranes rentals on deck, from telescopic to lattice. These heaving lifting machines require little set up and can move around job sites with ease, allowing you to get your projects completed as efficiently as possible.

Hydraulic boom cranes are conveniently situated on truck chassises, so they can travel on roads and worksites of any nature. They are equipped with rotating booms, making just about any type of hoisting maneuver possible. Boom cranes can be used for a variety of tasks, whether you are moving materials around a construction site or you attach a personnel basket for power line installations.

MACS Crane and Rigging offers first-rate boom truck rentals for industries including construction, power, pulp and paper, and more. We rent out only the best performing machines, so you can rely on us for all of your boom crane rental needs. You can hire these machines either fully-operated or bare. Our team of operators have years of experience using our machines and will ensure to work on your job site as if it were our own.

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