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MACS Crane and Rigging specializes in crane rentals and operations while also providing rigging and transportation services to clients across the Southeast in various industries. Our extensive inventory of machines and equipment, plus a dedicated team of talented operators, allows us to provide an array of services to our clients. Whether your project requires crane services, machinery moving, transportation solutions, delicate lifting, or a combination of these needs, MACS Crane and Rigging is proud to put our resources to work to help complete even your most complex projects with the following services.

Heavy Cargo Cranes Georgia and South Carolina
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MACS Crane and Rigging provides cranes to clients in many industries to complete projects in even the harshest conditions. Our fleet of either bare or operated machines include carry deck cranes, crawler cranes, truck cranes, boom trucks, all-terrain cranes, and rough-terrain cranes. From 2.5 ton carry deck cranes to 550 ton all-terrain cranes, each type of crane at MACS Crane and Rigging comes in various sizes, so we can set you up with the crane that matches your lifting needs.

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For even the most difficult relocation and installation projects, MACS Crane and Rigging has the highest quality rigging equipment to get the job done. Our experienced and talented riggers know the latest techniques to complete heavy rigging projects with our equipment including spreader bars, rollers, lifting machines and more. At MACS Crane and Rigging, we take pride in offering safe and careful lifting, relocation, and installation tasks for clients’ rigging needs.

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From shipyards to highways, MACS Crane and Rigging offers both lifting and transportation solutions for heavy cargo loading, unloading, relocation, and more. Our powerful, heavy-duty cranes, trailers, and forklifts can lift cargo that weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds, while our experienced operators can move, shift, and relocate these goods with ease. When you meet your next heavy cargo project, MACS Crane and Rigging has the equipment to get it done safely.

Heavy Lift Cranes Georgia South Carolina


Through the use of crawler cranes, all-terrain cranes, hydraulic truck cranes, and more, MACS Crane and Rigging has cranes on deck that can complete the toughest lifting jobs. Heavy lift jobs require dependable machines that possess both the power and stability to hoist large loads, and our machines that weigh up to 550 tons possess these requirements. Whether your job site is located on rough or smooth terrain, MACS Crane and Rigging can offer both cranes and operators to do the heavy lifting for your project.

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When you need to move heavy machinery to another destination either inside or outside of your company grounds, MACS Crane and Rigging has the equipment to get the work done. From single-piece machines to complex setups, our expert equipment movers and riggers based in Georgia and South Carolina can relocate HVAC units, generators, manufacturing equipment, heavy machining tools, and much more. MACS Crane and Rigging pays strong attention to safety and precision when moving machines for clients in various industries.

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With an inventory of equipment including extendable trailers, step deck trailers, custom tank trailers, and more, MACS Crane and Rigging is your one-stop shop for transportation solutions. Whether you need to transport heavy materials or liquids, our equipment is capable of hauling cargo to its final destination safely. Transport your goods with confidence with MACS Crane and Rigging equipment.

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At MACS Crane and Rigging, we understand that some materials require the most delicate lifting process. From fragile infrastructure to delicate machines, our operators can control our machines and rigging equipment with extreme care by planning out every move ahead of time to ensure the successful execution of delicate lifting tasks. At MACS Crane and Rigging, we go the extra mile to ensure that each of our lifting projects are done with precision to ensure the safe lifting of all materials.

Demolition and Construction Cleanup Cranes


From demolitions and construction aftermath to environmental disasters and land clearing, MACS Crane and Rigging can assist with cleanup efforts. Our range of cranes, transportation solutions, and forklifts can be put to work in various job sites at any stage of the process to move cleanup along quickly and easily. By using MACS Crane and Rigging machines, your team or our operators can move thousands of pounds of debris in swift motions, making your cleanup stage both time and cost efficient.