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Crane & Heavy Equipment Rental

MACS Crane & Rigging is your one-stop shop for heavy equipment rentals in Savannah, Augusta, or Charleston. From heavy lift cranes and forklifts to trailers and rigging equipment, we offer a range of top-of-the-line equipment for hire. Our large fleet gives you the ability to meet your job demands with equipment you can rely on for both performance and productivity. We are experienced supplying big equipment rentals to teams in industries spanning construction, port, pulp and paper, power companies, and many more.

Projects of any scale require lifting, moving, and transporting materials. To get these tasks done with ease, MACS Crane & Rigging offers equipment that is durable and reliable. Our fleet of cranes include mobile cranes, hydraulic boom trucks, tower cranes, and more. We also offer tractors and trailers for transporting materials and rigging equipment including machine rollers, certified spreader bars, and certified personnel baskets.

Bare & Operated Machinery & Equipment Rentals Serving Georgia, South Carolina, & the Entire Southeast

Our heavy machinery rentals are offered either bare or fully operated by our experienced team. When you choose to rent with MACS Crane & Rigging, you’ll be met with clean, reliable equipment and first-class customer service. We work closely with your team to design a tailored rental solution to help you get your projects done as seamlessly as possible.

Contact our heavy equipment rental company today to learn more about our services and equipment options.

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